Jodi Lin PR is a New York based fashion, family lifestyle and real estate media relations company.

Owning 15+ years in the field we have secured a plethora of story and product placements across print, digital and broadcast media channels. We have further coordinated events, executed social media and influencer engagement strategies and kicked off comprehensive PR campaigns from New York, to Toronto to Milan and beyond.

Led by Jodi Lin Gresham, the firm has been featured on national broadcast television discussing emerging trends, and has been quoted speaking to culture, style and nightlife in numerous outlets. Jodi Lin’s career path and trade philosophies have been written about in industry insight novels including Creative Careers in Fashion (by Debbie Hartsog: Allworth Press- Release: October 15, 2006) and Always on Display (by Elizabeth Wissinger: Duke University Press, 2007).

Adept in areas of Fashion, Fitness, Real Estate and Family Lifestyle, we have been proud to work with such brands as Samsonite, Suburban Jungle, Perry Ellis, Zac Posen, K-Swiss, Hummingbird Sports, Liftonic, IMoveGreen and other global brands and organizations.


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